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Friday, April 9, 2010

Do your kids have a "Right" to privacy?

We all demand a right to our privacy. There is a valid concern for who knows what about you. Everything from financial information to that brown shoe box that you keep stashed on the top shelf in the back of your closet. Lives, relationships, businesses, and even governments have been toppled because some piece of privileged information has fallen into the wrong hands.

What I would like to know is what you think about your child's right to privacy. When he/she is old enough to want to keep her/his bedroom door locked. Cell phones, internet, who their friends are, and where they go when they leave the house. What is your stand? Do you have a right to know? Do you think you should know?

For me, I want to know everything about my children. Where they go, what they do, who they know. I do not allow them to lock doors in the house. I have access to cell phones and internet accounts. I know their friends parents. Do I always exercise my right to "invade" all of these areas of their developing lives? I do occasionally with no rhyme or reason. With no malice of forethought, it is just something I do. It is something they expect. They do not mind either because it has always been that way.

We need to know everything about our children and their lives. This lessens the possibility of ever having to say, "I wish I knew".

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Tyson said...

You realize you're the kind of parent who gets sent to the nursing home, right? When asked why you're there, you'll say "I wish I knew."

Of course, your children mind. They just don't tell you. It's clear you don't trust them. Say what you want; your actions prove otherwise.

You don't have to believe me. You'll know what kind of parenting job you did later. If you're put in a home, you'll know didn't do so well.

Eventually, your children will live their own lives. They won't have to see you or speak to you. If they do so anyway, that's a good reflection upon you. If you are truly an "empty nester," don't say "I wish I knew" when asked why. Just remember your words today.

anna said...

yes i agree with u. We should know everything their doing and husbands are not an excepted.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tyson, Thanks for participating. You have some very interesting points. You see I do what I do not for myself but for my children. When I am old and alone if that is indeed what will happen to me, that means that my children grew up safe and learned through me that chance favors the prepared. They will know when they have children that parenting is not a popularity contest but a time in which you must prepare your children for a life in a world that does not play by the rules but can be manipulated by rules that you set for it. If the price I am to pay for that is to be an "empty nester" doomed to eat oatmeal and talk to myself for the rest of my life, I will never have to say to myself, "I wish I knew". Take care dear friend. I tried to leave a comment at your site but the comments section would not open for me. ;o)

David Tamayo said...

Hi Anna thank you very much. I agree with you also. ;o)

The anonymous answer for Tyson above was me. I must have pushed submit wrong. ;o)

Anonymous said...

agree with this write. difficult as it is these days to monitor children, we still need to try as much as possible to get things right.

David Tamayo said...

Hi Stanis - Yes we have to do our best because that is all we can do - "Our best". ;o)

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Parents have the right to know everything about their children until their kids become mature to handle things on their own.

Just my two cents. :)

David Tamayo said...

That is the goal June. Maturity is based on belief. Belief is based on experience and exposure. We need to know and control what our children are both exposed to and experience. Take care my friend. ;o)

Mike Golch said...

since I do not have children,I would like to say this.Their protection comes first.as long as they live in your house you have the right to know the who,what where and why.My parents had that policy and my sister and I have done ok by that policy.My Dad's other saying was house rules,My House My Rules.when you are an adult you can do what ever you please.

David Tamayo said...

Hi Mike, Apparently our parents went to the same school of parenting. ;o)