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Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Update about Eddie Boy. Light on the horizon?

Hi everyone~ this is Luz again, Eddie's girlfriend. I just wanted to share what has happened since I last wrote about Eddie Boy.

He celebrated his 34th birthday on July 4th with some family and friends. Even though he was still asleep, and in the bed, it was beautiful that we got to share this day with him and we all could feel his happiness at us all being around him singing and laughing with him there.

Well, we started this new alternative procedure called Cold Laser Light Healing. We are really quite excited about it. It is a technology that has been around for around 30 years (but because of the strength of the Pharmaceutical companies, it is kept quiet). I feel very inspired by this new treatment because it is a laser that goes into the blood system via a micro-optic fiber. Its intention is to clean out the cell into becoming 100% pure in capacity and work the way it is supposed to work (since we have toxins in the body). It is a 10 day procedure with 3 day intervals of rest.

The procedure begins with a scan of the whole body. In the beginning of the scan certain points were made regarding this physical body and where we should target for him to get better, such as (of course) the brain, the liver, kidneys, lungs, and heart.

When we began this treatment, (he is now on his second set of treatments) Eddie had a blood test taken, then ten days later we (out of curiosity) took another blood test and the numbers all improved! (Interesting) Eddie's heart was shown to be enlarged and overworked. His pulse rate was at 125+ (and the normal is supposed to be 70-80) After the ten days, his pulse rate has decreased to 100-103! He has begun to respond more frequently to our voices and his eyes are really moving faster when we open up his eye lids. He has also begun to sporadically open up his eye lid on his own and leave it open for a few minutes while his eye is moving. Along with, his jaw begins moving up and down as if he is trying to reply or say something. He has begun to move his left knee up and down and instead of his hands being in a fist they are now relaxed and opened.

He turned very red (as if he had a sunburn) the first couple of days he begain getting the treatment which worried us, but his temperature was normal, so we asked the doctor (which by the way is a naturopath deals in natural remedies and doesn't believe in medicines to maintain healthy body) and he was quite happy to hear about his color being red. He said this is a good thing and he wasn't expecting Eddie to have this until 3-6 weeks into the treatment! Apparently, this is a sign that the circulation in the body is improving! When Eddie was first given the scan, (a normal brain, the number registers at 50) Eddies brain number registered 8. Ten days later, it has now registered at 13! (That’s a huge improvement) And honestly speaking, I know Eddie is working hard at recovering. I am just so glad we have found someone who can help us help Eddie instead of just trying to tell us to make sure his taken cared of and the end...

The doctor has told us that he himself was a hopeless cause. He is an active man who has been in motorcycle accidents and any other imaginable situation. He went parachute jumping one day in 1997, and had a malfunction with the parachute and fell to the ground. He broke his spine in 3 different places and the doctors all told him that he would never move again. He said he never gave up and he could still think, he could still talk and most importantly, he could still BITCH. He said I did not take their words, and only surrounded myself with people who could help me.

He had a friend who worked in NASA and basically became their guinea pig. It took him three years, being injected and operated on by so many things, but He is now parachuting again!!! He is walking and scuba diving and surfing etc... He has told us keep the positivity going because EDDIE NEEDS IT and HE NEEDS US TO BELIEVE!

Thank you so much for the prayers, the interest and the CARE. Thank you DAVID FOR THE HUMANITY AND MOST ESPECIALLY FOR THE LOVE!



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