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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do you have a child, senior, wife, or husband whose safety is your concern?

There is a great little gadget that I found the other day while surfing the internet. It is a pocket sized GPS or Global Positioning System unit. This device is small enough to fit into a pocket, briefcase, computer bag, or backpack.

The idea behind this little James Bondish piece of technology is that its location can be followed via satellite. The unit itself can send you real time updates by sending you text messages notifying you of its current location; even opening a communications line allowing you to hear any sounds or conversations around the unit. Following the location of the unit is also possible by internet.

The unit has a “Panic Button” that when activated will notify pre-programmed contacts of an “emergency” situation. There is even a “Geofencing” alert which will notify the same pre-programmed contacts if the unit is moved more than 500 meters from a preset position. It works via GPS and GSM cell networks (Cingular & T-Mobile) meaning that you only have to insert a SIM from your existing telephone network for the unit to work. No monitoring fees from the manufacturer of the unit itself.

If you are a parent, this is a wonderful way to keep track of your child. By discreetly placing the unit inside the pocket or jacket of your child then programming into the unit the schools location or that of your home, the unit can notify you if the child has been moved from that location without your permission.

This unit can be easily placed on the visor of a car, in your lap-top carrier, or pretty much anything you would want to find again if stolen.

One of the worst things that can happen to a person of any age is abduction. A woman wrestled into a dark hallway in a parking structure can activate the “panic” button thus notifying a loved one the she needs help. A senior citizen has a major medical problem either at home or while shopping. The unit can let loved ones know that something happened then assist them in finding that person whether he/she is conscious or not.

Of course the best defense is living a life that does not put you or loved ones into situations where there might be increased risk but sometimes things can go very wrong very quickly through no fault of our own. It is for these times that “chance favors the prepared”. Take care my friends. ;o)

(This is not a paid endorsement of any device or service.)
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's all share some link love! Post your link here!

Just want to show some appreciation to everybody for visiting and showing your support for Security For Idiots. I found this link list while visiting another great site and decided that it would be a fantastic idea to share with you. In the future I will think of special themes for the list but for this one, the fact that you are visiting is good enough for me. ;o)

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank you to my TOP DROPPERS for the last 30 days!! Heres some LINK love!! ;o)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Guns? What do you think?

Photo from: http://fun-pics.com/guns.html
Here in the Philippines it is election season. The people of this proud nation will soon be electing a new president. As a result of the elections and the preceding campaign period, a nationwide gun ban has been implemented with the intent of minimizing or eliminating gun related violence.

Violence has been a part of Philippine politics for a very long time. Armed factions have sought to change the political landscape of this country for generations. The tampering of ballots, outright threat, and as witnessed by the recent Maguindanao massacre; murder.

It can be argued that by eliminating firearms totally, it would stand to reason; the use of firearms would definitely be controlled. Political thugs and their ilk would have to resort to using clubs and knives to do their dirty work. Would then the call to ban all sticks and knives be made for the same reason? Just asking.

In the United States police officers are allowed and often expected to carry their firearms while off duty and out of official uniform. The current gun ban, as executed here, will land an off duty police officer carrying his firearm in jail, what more any regular law abiding citizen who has a licensed firearm and a legally obtained permit to carry? If a fully trained and commissioned police officer cannot be trusted, Would it be logical to assume that a civilian with no criminal intent could not be trusted with this privilege either? Should either parties ability to defend themselves or their loved ones be taken away?

What about criminals themselves? Can they be trusted to follow the gun ban? Do we believe that they have obtained their firearms through legal means? In a country with thousands of islands and teetering on a population of nearly 100 million people, can we expect a severely undermanned police force to provide its citizenry the protection it truly needs?

Photo from: http://fun-pics.com/guns.html
Of course we are just talking about a ban on the carrying of firearms and not the ownership of firearms in general. Although, admittedly there are those truly idiotic individuals out there who do not deserve the privilege of owning a gun. I speak of the college administrators who threaten gas station attendants and the Jason Ivlers who kill people due to minor traffic altercations. In fairness of course to the good guys, these aforementioned morally challenged individuals changed sides to the bad guys and cannot be used as part of any arguments meant to take away the rights of us good guys.

Just to clarify my own opinion. I believe that law abiding citizens should have the right to own a legally obtained firearm. I believe that law abiding citizens should be required to take a psychiatric test and undergo a background investigation to provide a legal baseline that the citizen in question is in fact, “law abiding”. I believe that every gun owner should undergo a rigorous training program and be tested and retested upon renewal of any permit or license to demonstrate a minimum proficiency with regards to the handling and firing of any firearm. Finally, I believe that there should be stiff penalties for all gun related crime.

I want to know what you think. There is no right or wrong opinion. You have a right to state your belief here and have it heard and reacted to by others who will in turn have their own opinion. I sincerely hope to hear what you have to say.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google Friend Connect - Just joined my own self. ;o)

I just added the "Google Friend Connect" widget on my side bar. If you are one of the first 20 people to join I will post a comment to your site and also join your Friend Connect as well. (Provided you have one on your site) Take care and hope to be leaving comments on your sites soon!
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Who and Why? Choose Carefully

If you had to vote for the next President of the Philippines today, who would you vote for and why? I have always wondered who responded to these surveys that get so much attention. Now is your chance to speak up and give your opinion. The upcoming elections are so very important for the Philippines. Take a long hard look at each of the candidates and decide who you think will give you and your loved ones a better future.

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