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Monday, January 4, 2010

Who and Why? Choose Carefully

If you had to vote for the next President of the Philippines today, who would you vote for and why? I have always wondered who responded to these surveys that get so much attention. Now is your chance to speak up and give your opinion. The upcoming elections are so very important for the Philippines. Take a long hard look at each of the candidates and decide who you think will give you and your loved ones a better future.


fetus said...

i'd go for noynoy. i'm pretty much a conrado de quiros fan with regards to his opinion about the 2010 elections.

the petersons said...

I liked the blog, it was tough for me to read your red header behind the white character. http://middleofchina.blogspot.com

Mike Foster said...

Good luck!


BeyondFeron said...

Well it's a long way to go... one thing is very critical, let's choose the right one and not because of anything else.

junezach said...

As of this time, I do not have a choice yet. I will still need to carefully check the background of each candidate and also I need to think a hundred times to whom my vote will go to. This is a very crucial decision. I hope we already have learned from our past failures and mistakes. We need to choose the RIGHT LEADER for our nation. Let us not forget that 'the people deserve the leader they ought to have'.