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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have you seen it yet? WHY NOT!!??

I love movies! I enjoy everything about the experience of going to a theater and watching a good flick. The popcorn, the over sized ice cold soda, chocolate covered raisins, and let’s not forget the onion and jalapeno laden hot dog. Dolby surround sound, high back reclining theater seating, arm rests that can be raised, and a warm date with a heartbeat round out the beginnings of what promise to be another trip into the ethereal suspension of belief.

This love affair all started for me with one movie more than any other; “Star Wars”. Star Wars was a pivotal point in cinema. No science fiction movie since has been the same. Long dead are the days of a lit sparkler stuck into the south end of a northbound plastic model space ship hanging by fishing line. In fact, to this day pretty much every major motion picture that utilizes some form of special computer effect is done in whole or in part by ILM which is George Lucas’ brain child.

Like I stated earlier, I feel fortunate because I was able to experience that ground breaking film in a theater during its original release. Now my children will have the same fortunate experience of being able to watch a film that will again revolutionize the movie experience. I am speaking about the movie, “AVATAR”.

It is not my goal here to tell you the story, comment on the underlying political message, compare, contrast, or otherwise try to dazzle you with my insight into the whys and motivations of the actors, producers, or studios. Without being paid or in any way receiving any kind of recompense whatsoever, I am telling you to leave reason at home, load the kids, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, next door neighbor, and mailman into your preferred mode of transportation and head to the nearest theater to watch this film. The only rule that I must insist be followed is that you MUST watch this film in 3D preferably in IMAX 3D if at all possible. If not, you will have just “watched” this movie but you will have never actually “seen” it.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Many thanks to my new ENTRECARD friends!!

The following sites have dropped the most cards on my site. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. I have just recently been able to start blogging regularly again and the folks at ENTRECARD and BLOGCATALOG have been wonderful about beginning to post comments again. Of course I always return the favor and immediately return comments to the blogs of those wonderful people that have taken their valuable time to leave a comment on my site. So here is the list of those valued droppers that I mentioned earlier. If you are a member of ENTRECARD, stop by and drop a card on their site, you will get many a visit in return. ;o)

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Monday, December 14, 2009

I teach Ninjutsu therefore I must show support. ;o)

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Part 3 of "Belief"

The third part of a somewhat lengthy series. As usual I would be really interested to hear what you have to say about the following post or even what your personal outlook is on "Belief". Please read on and if you have not started from Part 1 of Belief please take some time and check it out. Even if you do not agree with one letter of what I have written, we can all come out better for the experience. Until part four, Take care...

....A very close friend of mine recently made the statement, “If you fly with crows, you are a crow”, this being said in the context of the need to prudently pick your battles in order to keep your eye on a more important prize. As crows go, I am sure that there are successful crows out there, first one to get the worm and all that. Same thing with head hunters, I am sure that there is that one guy that all the other head hunters aspire to be. (I am not talking about the corporate talent scout kind of guy either.) So if your intent in life is to be either a crow or a neck chopping head hunter, then by all means, go for it. Your beliefs will guide you to that place, the morals of course relative to the belief. (I will address mental illness later. I mention this now because there is a difference between a mass murderer and a head hunter.)What I am talking about here are those people that want to be successful in simply personal or professional ways; a happier marriage, better parent, son/daughter, manager, student, teacher, investor, salesman, etc. You should try to associate with those people that reflect the success that you would like to attain for yourself. How do you do this? There is invariably some organization or group dedicated to every segment of society today. A simple search on the internet will provide the curious with at least several options to explore. Remember the guy who looked for (and found by the way) people that would be interested in being murdered by him then eaten ala Hannibal Lector? Understand that the exploring in and of itself will open even more options that may give seed to personal epiphanies that could prove life changing. By seeing how the “other side” lives, you will allow your psyche to open to the truth that there are more ways to look at things in the world than just what you have been raised or educated to see, it will allow you to question what you had just previously accepted as truth. Remember that without questioning what is currently accepted as truth, we could all still believe that the earth is flat and that man could never fly. Women and black Americans would not be able to vote. America itself might not exist today. Filipinos allowed themselves to create what is now known as a people’s power revolution. Even more fascinating is that once they discovered that it could be done, they did it a second time. This should give you the courage to open your mind to new and exciting potentials that you but need to reach out and capture. People or circumstances that reflect your ideal situation or status, by virtue of that fact itself, already possess the belief structure, to some degree, that will support its existence. Rich people know how to get rich, artistic people know how to create, and so on. Happy people are happy for a reason. Positive people are positive for a reason. Ever hear the term, “Money begets money” or the “Rich just get richer”. The obvious thing to derive from these statements is that it’s nice to be rich. DUH! Yes the rich have more money to invest and because of that they have more opportunity to make money. Okay I get that, but just stop to think about the idea that because money is not a problem for these people, at least in the way that it is for you and me, the negativity associated with money is lessened or even negated all together. Money can now be looked at as a tool and not a weapon. The abundance of money itself will create positive energy and the lack of it creates a void or negative energy. Rich people are concerned with being creative with their money. What do I invest in, whom do I donate it to, etc. Poor people are relegated to defending themselves from the lack of it, bill collectors, process servers, and the like. Of course I am generalizing and oversimplifying for the sake of this discussion. Not all poor folk are being hounded by the aforementioned. Some live comfortable lives content with what they have, but that is the key, they are content and contentment is a belief associated with satisfaction. You can allow yourself to believe in the idea of success and wealth, thus opening up those potentials to you. Even cashless societies, few that there may be, have wealth and class systems. They have leaders. They have their wealthy by virtue of who owns more pigs, chickens, etc, and they have their hunter gatherers. All societies have haves and have nots, even socialism cannot escape this paradigm as proven again and again throughout history....
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Part II of "Belief"

I will be able to access the internet now on a more consistent basis, so I should be able to take better care of my blog and of course my readers. Following is my second installment in the series of postings I mentioned on "BELIEF". Please read on and let me know what you think. As always, take care. ;)

...Why do placebos work on an almost equal scale to the actual medications they are supposed to be? Because the mind is a very powerful tool, one that when given a set parameter of information with a desired outcome and not allowed the convenience of deviation from that path, will do some amazing things that have been defined as miraculous in nature. If you go to a doctor, that you “believe” will be able to cure what ails you and he gives you a “medicine” that he tells you will help you, your belief is what gives power to your course of action. Your mind accepts as truth the positive opportunity that was presented to it by your decision to follow your belief. On the other hand, if you don’t believe that modern medicine has the answers for your problem, you would have never followed the previous course of action and even if you had, might not have enjoyed the same potential results. What about faith healers? Medical science is constantly being confronted with cases of people that have undergone miraculous cures to diseases that were believed to be terminal in nature, faith, another word for belief, right? Ever wondered what fueled the idea that a rabbit’s foot was lucky? Well out of the total number of people that were presented with this idea, a certain percentage of them actually believed it and another percentage of people had something positive happen to them shortly after having gotten a rabbit’s foot thus creating a believer, each one of these people in turn telling other people who in turn are presented with the same potential opportunity. Here again we are talking about belief and not the vehicle specifically. Imagine that, somebody gives you the amputated foot of another living being and telling you that it is lucky, being called a “potential opportunity”. I bet the rabbit did not see it that way.

Ever been to a network marketing event? You know what I am talking about right? Somebody invites you to a meeting where you will learn about some amazing new product or service that will not only make life easier for whomever buys or uses whatever is being sold, you will get rich just by getting everybody you know to buy and introduce the wonder item to everybody they know. Did you ever wonder why they want you to attend a meeting instead of relying on their own sales ability to sell you on their idea in the comfort of your own living room? Well, there are several reasons for this, let’s look at a couple of them: 1. Get a group of like minded people together. The people who show up are interested in how to get rich, great soap or a new vitamin is just the bonus. 2. Large groups of people tend to lend credibility to the message, thus inspiring trust, then belief. 3. The guy at the top of the network ladder then gets to give his pitch to the masses thus maximizing his effort. You must remember that a sale in any form is a numbers game. (Your goal as a salesperson is to get through as many no’s as possible to get to the yes’s. Enough no’s there statistically has to be a yes eventually to whatever is being sold. This very successful salesperson has found a way to get through the no’s exponentially faster to be able to deliver the sales pitch to a group of people with a predisposition to wanting whatever the product or service if for even selfish reasons.) You get to see the guy wearing a Rolex and driving the Ferrari who shows you pictures of his quaint mansion on the shore. (Yes, the Rolex and the Ferrari were bought just to show you.) You are told, “I was just a poor schlep just like you. Now look at me. If I can do it so can you”. 4. You are then swept up in the mob frenzy to buy/join. You don’t want to be the idiot who didn’t take advantage of the, “Be one of the first 20 to join and get a free microwave” offer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not slamming these types of businesses. There are people who get really rich, but that is the point, you must believe the message and then decide that you will make the life changing decisions needed give power to your new found belief in your present course of action. Sounds easy right?

There are a lot more people that end up poorer than richer for their experience, at least financially. Who was the last friend or relative that came to you inviting you to one of those meetings? What did you tell them? Were you supportive or did you offer evidence to contradict all the positive things they were being told by the guy with the Rolex? What if that was you? How easy would it be to change your beliefs to allow for these positive opportunities having all that negativity trying to convince you otherwise? It would not be impossible only much more difficult. If you chose to believe the guy with the Rolex instead of 9 to 5 Aunt Mabel, your circumstance may well have ended up different. Ask yourself what the guy with the Rolex likely believed in the beginning. What might have been different for him had he been related to 9 to 5 Aunt Mabel? (You and I both know that we all have an Aunt Mabel in the family, so what made things different for this guy?) Oh, if you are this guy, congratulations!...To Be Continued
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

First in a series titled "Belief"

I have been putting thoughts down but just have not been posting them. I now have about 20 pages put together and with your permission will start posting them one or two pages at a time. Please let me know what you think as we go on. As always, I really appreciate and respect your feedback. Take care until the next post:

There is a word that has such powerful meaning but is almost always taken for granted and not given the proper respect it truly deserves. This word is usually associated with religion or spirituality and not appreciated for its importance in our more mundane every day existence. The word to which I am referring is “BELIEF”.

Belief dictates how you live your life. It will affect your decision making. Where you go, why you do or don’t do something, which person you will date or associate with, even what you eat and how you deal with what comes out after. Everything you do is affected by what your beliefs are. What you hold true to be self evident as it were.

This one word controls so much of our lives, yet how much of “it” do we actually control? Do you walk under ladders? Step on cracks? Knock on wood? How much of what you believe have you consciously made the decision to believe? Beliefs are fed to us from a very young age. Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, don’t go to bed with wet hair or you will go blind, don’t walk under ladders, Friday the 13th, Buddha, Mohammad, and the Dali Llama and so on. As children we are brought to a Sunday school or a Synagogue. Boy Scouts, Tae kwon do, ballet, or baseball practice, each group representing different trains of thought, goals, morals, and possible futures.

What you believe makes you what you are because your actions define the kind of person your beliefs will allow you to be. If you believe that gambling is wrong and because of this you never buy a lottery ticket, could you ever win the lottery? If you believe that every one is out to cheat you? If you don’t believe there is a God, or that there is a God. If you think that you are as successful as you will ever be? That the world is flat? That the swampland that nice man was trying to sell you might be a great investment? If by eating the flesh of your enemies, you will gain their strength? That the world will end in the year 2012? Some of the simplest thoughts going through your mind can have life altering effect on both you and those around you. What if Hitler was not able to get a nation to believe as he did?

Love, hate, fear, happiness, and hope are all examples of belief in our lives. You have to believe in something to make anything tangible to your intellect. Why do you love somebody? Why do you hate anything? Why do you lend money to a friend? Why do you push your child to take singing lessons? Why do you not walk down dark alleys at night? Why do you walk down dark alleys at night? Why do you vote? Why get married or divorced? Why are you writing that book? Why aren’t you writing that book? Why don’t you like black people or white people? Do you prefer wheat or white, Coke or Pepsi? Without belief, decision would be impossible. Without decision, definition would be absent. Who would you be? Where could you be? Why aren’t you?

When it comes to belief, do you have a choice? We are programmed from birth to death, a living, breathing computer, if you will. Unlike computers though, we can program ourselves. We can have ultimate control over our own lives. Computers have to follow the path they were given. You and I may decide to follow any path that presents itself to us. The statement I made at the end of the preceding paragraph can be read and more importantly lived in reverse. Here is how it works; if you desire to “Define” your life in a specific manner, you must make the “decision” to change your “beliefs” which will allow you to make “decisions” that will “define” you in the manner that best suits “beliefs” that will create an environment of positive opportunities. Something I like to call, “Power Through Superior Intent”.

....To Be Continued
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, need I say more?

I had the honor recently of attending a seminar in Manila taught by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. If you go to youtube you will find a plethora of videos from around the globe showing you just what this incredibly talented man can do.

What is incredibly interesting but not surprising is that Ray lives his life in utter control of his universe. I will be posting some more things in the coming days and weeks regarding Ray and what he teaches. In the meantime enjoy the video.

You can visit him at http://fcskalionline.com/ or at his Martial Arts social networking site at http://martialmatrix.ning.com/

A chapter of his organization is being organized in the Philippines. You can visit http://fcsphilippines.blogspot.com/ to find out where they are in their development.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yet another story about customer service from the land of extremes. =0)

Why, you may ask, do I bother to bring to you stories of this kind? What do these kinds of stories have to do with security and how can they possibly improve your personal situation? Well it is simple; I want to share with you the idea that you have a right to be treated well as a part of maintaining control of your life. If you are treated well and are happy with decisions that you make, like where you decide to bring your family for dinner, you will enjoy a more positive outlook on life in general. More positivism will breed more opportunity which in turn will breed more happiness. Not a bad cycle to be caught up in, right?

Now let’s see…how do we start this story? I brought my family, (see picture to the right), to a Pizza Hut located here in the Philippines located in a place called Makati Cinema Square. This whole commercial structure is one of the older “malls” located in Makati. Now it is renowned for being the place to go to buy pirated or bootlegged DVD’s. There are also gun shops and two shooting ranges located in the basement. (The later will give the casual visitor an insight into my personal interests. This site is called “Security for Idiots” after all.)

An important part of this story is the fact that my family has an argument every time we have to decide where and what to eat. Really, without fail every meal that we are together becomes a heated debate as to where to go or what to cook. Usually ending up in a non-committal, “Whatever”. A bad dinning experience will become fodder to be used against the recommending party for years to come. Ergo, the food better be good, the place clean and comfortable and the service good. This particular day we decided upon Pizza Hut. Why? Well, pizza is an easy pitch to kids and they have this great special where you can get a personal pan pizza, a bowl of soup, and a soft drink for only 99.00 Philippine Pesos. (That is about $2.20) A good deal right?

So in we walk and are immediately seated in a window box. Remember, this is an older “mall” so that makes this Pizza Hut an “older” Pizza Hut. (At least as far as appearances) A server takes our order and leaves. A reasonable amount of time passes and we are served our food. So far so good right? Well, no sooner had we started eating when my daughter says, “Eeewww, Daddy look on the wall!” I look up and on the edge of a picture frame hung on the wall behind my son is a cockroach is staring back at me. My son, who is sitting next to my wife sees it and immediately starts to crowd into my wife pleading, “Keep it off me”. (Hey, he’s just a kid) I swat at the roach in an attempt to put an end to the crisis and its life. The roach senses its impending doom and jumps just milliseconds before sure death landing on the floor before scurrying off to the adjacent table where it stops and looks back taunting me to chase it down. Refusing to be goaded by a roach, we continue our meal. (I know that some of you would have walked out right there) After about 5 minutes, another roach falls from somewhere above, landing square on my wife’s bosom. Yes, in her shirt right between her…you get the picture. You can imagine her swatting at her chest trying to evict this squatter from its newly found home. At this point we called a server over to make our grievance known. She came over and was told what had happened including showing her the freshly killed carcass of the bosom raider on the floor as well as the little tough guy roach still sitting under the adjacent table apparently wanting a piece of me.

What happens next will take longer to explain than what I am willing to invest in it. Let’s just say that the customer service aspect to this outlet was somewhat lacking as much as the hygiene. Apparently, the staff on duty did not realize the gravity of the situation. Ultimately, the half eaten meal was begrudgingly offered for free with an assurance that something would be done about the “problem”.

Boy, was that an understatement. That same day I received calls from Pizza Hut apologizing for the incident. I was told that an exterminator would be called in immediately and was invited back to the store for a walk through tour so that I could verify myself that all possible corrective actions were taken. Oh, when I say “calls from Pizza Hut” I mean from the store manager, the area manager, and the President of Pizza Hut Philippines himself.

I did go on that walk through tour a few days after the incident. The store was impeccable. Still a little out of date on the ambiance side, but clean. I did not see a single roach. One of the managers from Pizza Hut’s corporate office met me there to guide the tour. She was courteous and professional. It did indeed appear as if they took the situation seriously and took all the necessary corrective action. Needless to say, I felt important. I felt like I mattered and that my money was valuable.

After a few weeks the family decided that they wanted to eat out and since we were in the area, I suggested Pizza Hut. Yes, the very one. Upon entering the dining area, we were seated by a very polite smiling waiter named Archie Santos, who by the way remembered my name. I was shocked. Our order was taken, prepared, and delivered correctly and hot. The service was great and the restaurant clean. After we paid the check and were preparing to leave one of the restaurant supervisors named Janice Castillo approached me and offered me a discount certificate for use during my next visit. My wife and kids also noticed the changes and were pleased. My wife even commenting that she felt like a VIP.

As far as the restaurant business goes, these guys experienced a restaurateurs’ worst nightmare. I could have very easily just got up and walked out with my family in tow. By complaining and demanding that corrective measures be taken, Pizza Hut was being given a chance to shine, to have the chance to redeem itself if you will. (They really did in my book) For my part, I was standing up for my right to be treated well and get what I paid for and was expecting; good food, good service, in a clean and comfortable setting.

In the end, Pizza Hut shone like the sun and I got what I expected. Kudos
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