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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Part 3 of "Belief"

The third part of a somewhat lengthy series. As usual I would be really interested to hear what you have to say about the following post or even what your personal outlook is on "Belief". Please read on and if you have not started from Part 1 of Belief please take some time and check it out. Even if you do not agree with one letter of what I have written, we can all come out better for the experience. Until part four, Take care...

....A very close friend of mine recently made the statement, “If you fly with crows, you are a crow”, this being said in the context of the need to prudently pick your battles in order to keep your eye on a more important prize. As crows go, I am sure that there are successful crows out there, first one to get the worm and all that. Same thing with head hunters, I am sure that there is that one guy that all the other head hunters aspire to be. (I am not talking about the corporate talent scout kind of guy either.) So if your intent in life is to be either a crow or a neck chopping head hunter, then by all means, go for it. Your beliefs will guide you to that place, the morals of course relative to the belief. (I will address mental illness later. I mention this now because there is a difference between a mass murderer and a head hunter.)What I am talking about here are those people that want to be successful in simply personal or professional ways; a happier marriage, better parent, son/daughter, manager, student, teacher, investor, salesman, etc. You should try to associate with those people that reflect the success that you would like to attain for yourself. How do you do this? There is invariably some organization or group dedicated to every segment of society today. A simple search on the internet will provide the curious with at least several options to explore. Remember the guy who looked for (and found by the way) people that would be interested in being murdered by him then eaten ala Hannibal Lector? Understand that the exploring in and of itself will open even more options that may give seed to personal epiphanies that could prove life changing. By seeing how the “other side” lives, you will allow your psyche to open to the truth that there are more ways to look at things in the world than just what you have been raised or educated to see, it will allow you to question what you had just previously accepted as truth. Remember that without questioning what is currently accepted as truth, we could all still believe that the earth is flat and that man could never fly. Women and black Americans would not be able to vote. America itself might not exist today. Filipinos allowed themselves to create what is now known as a people’s power revolution. Even more fascinating is that once they discovered that it could be done, they did it a second time. This should give you the courage to open your mind to new and exciting potentials that you but need to reach out and capture. People or circumstances that reflect your ideal situation or status, by virtue of that fact itself, already possess the belief structure, to some degree, that will support its existence. Rich people know how to get rich, artistic people know how to create, and so on. Happy people are happy for a reason. Positive people are positive for a reason. Ever hear the term, “Money begets money” or the “Rich just get richer”. The obvious thing to derive from these statements is that it’s nice to be rich. DUH! Yes the rich have more money to invest and because of that they have more opportunity to make money. Okay I get that, but just stop to think about the idea that because money is not a problem for these people, at least in the way that it is for you and me, the negativity associated with money is lessened or even negated all together. Money can now be looked at as a tool and not a weapon. The abundance of money itself will create positive energy and the lack of it creates a void or negative energy. Rich people are concerned with being creative with their money. What do I invest in, whom do I donate it to, etc. Poor people are relegated to defending themselves from the lack of it, bill collectors, process servers, and the like. Of course I am generalizing and oversimplifying for the sake of this discussion. Not all poor folk are being hounded by the aforementioned. Some live comfortable lives content with what they have, but that is the key, they are content and contentment is a belief associated with satisfaction. You can allow yourself to believe in the idea of success and wealth, thus opening up those potentials to you. Even cashless societies, few that there may be, have wealth and class systems. They have leaders. They have their wealthy by virtue of who owns more pigs, chickens, etc, and they have their hunter gatherers. All societies have haves and have nots, even socialism cannot escape this paradigm as proven again and again throughout history....

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yljien said...

This is great! You have a thorough elaboration of "BELIEF."

Yes, beliefs are those deep seated thoughts in our subconscious minds.

Simply put: "We are what think about all day long!"

Thanks for the wonderful post.