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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Part II of "Belief"

I will be able to access the internet now on a more consistent basis, so I should be able to take better care of my blog and of course my readers. Following is my second installment in the series of postings I mentioned on "BELIEF". Please read on and let me know what you think. As always, take care. ;)

...Why do placebos work on an almost equal scale to the actual medications they are supposed to be? Because the mind is a very powerful tool, one that when given a set parameter of information with a desired outcome and not allowed the convenience of deviation from that path, will do some amazing things that have been defined as miraculous in nature. If you go to a doctor, that you “believe” will be able to cure what ails you and he gives you a “medicine” that he tells you will help you, your belief is what gives power to your course of action. Your mind accepts as truth the positive opportunity that was presented to it by your decision to follow your belief. On the other hand, if you don’t believe that modern medicine has the answers for your problem, you would have never followed the previous course of action and even if you had, might not have enjoyed the same potential results. What about faith healers? Medical science is constantly being confronted with cases of people that have undergone miraculous cures to diseases that were believed to be terminal in nature, faith, another word for belief, right? Ever wondered what fueled the idea that a rabbit’s foot was lucky? Well out of the total number of people that were presented with this idea, a certain percentage of them actually believed it and another percentage of people had something positive happen to them shortly after having gotten a rabbit’s foot thus creating a believer, each one of these people in turn telling other people who in turn are presented with the same potential opportunity. Here again we are talking about belief and not the vehicle specifically. Imagine that, somebody gives you the amputated foot of another living being and telling you that it is lucky, being called a “potential opportunity”. I bet the rabbit did not see it that way.

Ever been to a network marketing event? You know what I am talking about right? Somebody invites you to a meeting where you will learn about some amazing new product or service that will not only make life easier for whomever buys or uses whatever is being sold, you will get rich just by getting everybody you know to buy and introduce the wonder item to everybody they know. Did you ever wonder why they want you to attend a meeting instead of relying on their own sales ability to sell you on their idea in the comfort of your own living room? Well, there are several reasons for this, let’s look at a couple of them: 1. Get a group of like minded people together. The people who show up are interested in how to get rich, great soap or a new vitamin is just the bonus. 2. Large groups of people tend to lend credibility to the message, thus inspiring trust, then belief. 3. The guy at the top of the network ladder then gets to give his pitch to the masses thus maximizing his effort. You must remember that a sale in any form is a numbers game. (Your goal as a salesperson is to get through as many no’s as possible to get to the yes’s. Enough no’s there statistically has to be a yes eventually to whatever is being sold. This very successful salesperson has found a way to get through the no’s exponentially faster to be able to deliver the sales pitch to a group of people with a predisposition to wanting whatever the product or service if for even selfish reasons.) You get to see the guy wearing a Rolex and driving the Ferrari who shows you pictures of his quaint mansion on the shore. (Yes, the Rolex and the Ferrari were bought just to show you.) You are told, “I was just a poor schlep just like you. Now look at me. If I can do it so can you”. 4. You are then swept up in the mob frenzy to buy/join. You don’t want to be the idiot who didn’t take advantage of the, “Be one of the first 20 to join and get a free microwave” offer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not slamming these types of businesses. There are people who get really rich, but that is the point, you must believe the message and then decide that you will make the life changing decisions needed give power to your new found belief in your present course of action. Sounds easy right?

There are a lot more people that end up poorer than richer for their experience, at least financially. Who was the last friend or relative that came to you inviting you to one of those meetings? What did you tell them? Were you supportive or did you offer evidence to contradict all the positive things they were being told by the guy with the Rolex? What if that was you? How easy would it be to change your beliefs to allow for these positive opportunities having all that negativity trying to convince you otherwise? It would not be impossible only much more difficult. If you chose to believe the guy with the Rolex instead of 9 to 5 Aunt Mabel, your circumstance may well have ended up different. Ask yourself what the guy with the Rolex likely believed in the beginning. What might have been different for him had he been related to 9 to 5 Aunt Mabel? (You and I both know that we all have an Aunt Mabel in the family, so what made things different for this guy?) Oh, if you are this guy, congratulations!...To Be Continued

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