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Monday, December 21, 2009

Many thanks to my new ENTRECARD friends!!

The following sites have dropped the most cards on my site. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. I have just recently been able to start blogging regularly again and the folks at ENTRECARD and BLOGCATALOG have been wonderful about beginning to post comments again. Of course I always return the favor and immediately return comments to the blogs of those wonderful people that have taken their valuable time to leave a comment on my site. So here is the list of those valued droppers that I mentioned earlier. If you are a member of ENTRECARD, stop by and drop a card on their site, you will get many a visit in return. ;o)

The Way I See It @ http://www.buckrobin.com

Wii Mommies @ http://www.wiimommies.com

Duck and Wheel With String @ http://duckandwheelwithstring.blogspot.com

Bible Examples @ http://bible-examples.blogspot.com/

Leading Edge Personal Development @ http://www.attractsuccess.com.au

Shortinfosec @ http://www.shortinfosec.net/

Cat Lovers Site @ http://catloverssite.info/

On A Lighter Note @ http://www.louscircle.com

Serian Man @ http://salamsmkserian.blogspot.com/

Lakbay Philippines @ http://lakbaydiva.com


Lin said...

Thanks for the link, pally!

fetus said...

OMG! i can't belebet. I'm included yey!!!

Turkey Baz said...

Great idea for a blog. I wish you the best of luck with it.