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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, need I say more?

I had the honor recently of attending a seminar in Manila taught by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. If you go to youtube you will find a plethora of videos from around the globe showing you just what this incredibly talented man can do.

What is incredibly interesting but not surprising is that Ray lives his life in utter control of his universe. I will be posting some more things in the coming days and weeks regarding Ray and what he teaches. In the meantime enjoy the video.

You can visit him at http://fcskalionline.com/ or at his Martial Arts social networking site at http://martialmatrix.ning.com/

A chapter of his organization is being organized in the Philippines. You can visit http://fcsphilippines.blogspot.com/ to find out where they are in their development.


iGoMuscleCars.com said...

Hey there David, great content as always. Have been out of the lopop latelbut tryiing to get back in the swing. Keep up the goood work, your content is very interesting and up lifting. good day.

fetus said...

i think i saw this style featured by BBC. :D

Rob said...

Wow he's fast!

David Tamayo said...

Fetus; You probably did. Ray has been around the world conducting seminars. He was here in the Philippines not long ago. Great guy, there are a lot of other videos on youtube of him in action.

Rob; Imagine having that demo done to you. I experienced it first hand. Would hate to be the guy who gets it for real.

Thanks for comments. Take care. ;o)