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Monday, January 18, 2010

Guns? What do you think?

Photo from: http://fun-pics.com/guns.html
Here in the Philippines it is election season. The people of this proud nation will soon be electing a new president. As a result of the elections and the preceding campaign period, a nationwide gun ban has been implemented with the intent of minimizing or eliminating gun related violence.

Violence has been a part of Philippine politics for a very long time. Armed factions have sought to change the political landscape of this country for generations. The tampering of ballots, outright threat, and as witnessed by the recent Maguindanao massacre; murder.

It can be argued that by eliminating firearms totally, it would stand to reason; the use of firearms would definitely be controlled. Political thugs and their ilk would have to resort to using clubs and knives to do their dirty work. Would then the call to ban all sticks and knives be made for the same reason? Just asking.

In the United States police officers are allowed and often expected to carry their firearms while off duty and out of official uniform. The current gun ban, as executed here, will land an off duty police officer carrying his firearm in jail, what more any regular law abiding citizen who has a licensed firearm and a legally obtained permit to carry? If a fully trained and commissioned police officer cannot be trusted, Would it be logical to assume that a civilian with no criminal intent could not be trusted with this privilege either? Should either parties ability to defend themselves or their loved ones be taken away?

What about criminals themselves? Can they be trusted to follow the gun ban? Do we believe that they have obtained their firearms through legal means? In a country with thousands of islands and teetering on a population of nearly 100 million people, can we expect a severely undermanned police force to provide its citizenry the protection it truly needs?

Photo from: http://fun-pics.com/guns.html
Of course we are just talking about a ban on the carrying of firearms and not the ownership of firearms in general. Although, admittedly there are those truly idiotic individuals out there who do not deserve the privilege of owning a gun. I speak of the college administrators who threaten gas station attendants and the Jason Ivlers who kill people due to minor traffic altercations. In fairness of course to the good guys, these aforementioned morally challenged individuals changed sides to the bad guys and cannot be used as part of any arguments meant to take away the rights of us good guys.

Just to clarify my own opinion. I believe that law abiding citizens should have the right to own a legally obtained firearm. I believe that law abiding citizens should be required to take a psychiatric test and undergo a background investigation to provide a legal baseline that the citizen in question is in fact, “law abiding”. I believe that every gun owner should undergo a rigorous training program and be tested and retested upon renewal of any permit or license to demonstrate a minimum proficiency with regards to the handling and firing of any firearm. Finally, I believe that there should be stiff penalties for all gun related crime.

I want to know what you think. There is no right or wrong opinion. You have a right to state your belief here and have it heard and reacted to by others who will in turn have their own opinion. I sincerely hope to hear what you have to say.


Watch Free Movies said...

Pretty nice post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really liked reading your posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon! from sikat ang pinoy - lol.

fetus said...

i have fascinations for guns, but i don't agree that the general public will have access to it, regardless of whatever tests the government puts in place to insure the "law abiding-ness" of a civilian.

i don't trust the government putting up tests anyway. case in point: driver's license.

i guess you're banking too much optimism on this country. :)

Project Savior said...

I am pro gun ownership because growing up I was horrified by the images on TV of the British Army going through Irish houses doing their house to house searches, and the Israelis doing the same thing in Palestine.
In the US we would have had the same thing happen here after 9/11 except the cops where afraid that some stoner (Drug User) wouldn't know shooting a cop is worse than being caught with a joint, and start shooting.
Having an armed population stops the very worst abuses of government.

heidi said...

This is such a tough issue because I don't like guns but think that one way or another the bad guys will find a way to have them. Tough call.

John @ Family, Fitness and Finances said...

I think you articulated my opinion exactly. I wish we would institute these tough standards you spoke of here in the US. I don't think completely banning fire arms will ever work in this day and age. The criminals will still be able to get guns, just like anyone can buy drugs. You would only hurt the honest, law abiding citizens. A great, thoughtful post David. :)

Raj said...

Yeah, bad guys will find a way whether a ban is applicable or not.

But this move will surely reduce the number of bad incidents happening.

Lets hope for the best...

sydman said...

thanks for blog explosion for letting me see your blog.

anyway, i hate it when some pinoys are too dumb to notice the gun ban.

ever seen that facebook pic of the threatening guy? he poked the guy during traffic... in broad daylight... and during gun ban!

this is pretty iffy!

Here Anything Goes said...

hope that gun owners don't rely too much to their guns for safety and cautions...just wish that you don't bring/carry guns because of fear...i often hear that one carry gun because they say guns protect them from criminals and it will shield them from danger...what you thought and feel you draw and attract them to you...so do not be surprised if some day you are attacked or assaulted by some bad people because in the first place you are the one who brought the situation and experience to yourself...by mere bringing of guns with you, you are in a way preparing for something bad to happen. which means you are expecting criminals to show up in your life...scenes and images often played in the minds have the tendency to show up in our physical world... gets mo?

David Tamayo said...

I am so impressed with everybody's opinions. Like I said there is no right or wrong depending on the reality in which you live at the moment. Here Anything Goes has a very good point using a Law of Attraction analogy which is actually a very credible point. But just like any belief the person the will wield it must be spiritually mature enough to live it, breath it, and be it. Part of not drawing the element to you that could cause you to need the "gun" is also living a life that will never expose you to the need in the first place. The law of attraction regards the recognition of opportunity and the acceptance or disregard thereof. I am in the protection industry, police, the wealthy, celebrity, all these situations and more bring you closer to the opportunity. Positive thinking therefore includes positive action. Christians would refer to this as "God helps those who help themselves" and lay persons might think "Chance favors the prepared". Thank you all for the input. Take care. ;o)