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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Earth Hour! Let's join the party ;o)

I think the poster says it all. Amazing how easy it will be for us to show some solidarity for the desire to save our planet. This planet after all is the only one we have. Unless Tom Cruise has some information that we don't have. ;o) (A friend at http://lakbaydiva.com/ posted about this. I agree that this is something worth spreading.)


fetus said...

yey! marami na tayo! support earth hour! :D

Bob Johnson said...

Totally agree, my lights will be off.

editor said...

I agree with you.Keep up the good work.

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

We just had this last night! When most of the lights were out in the city, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the night. The shimmering light of the candles was so beautiful. We need to love our planet and Earth Hour was one event that we showed our genuine care. :D

Nice new look here @ Security For Idiots! ^_^

Sabra said...

Thank you for helping spread the word about Earth Hour. I have been participating since 2007 and hope for many more years of joining together with others from around the world to do something BIG!

The kids and I played acoustic instruments by candlelight for the hour. It was very fun, plus no one could see the look on my face every time I messed up, lol ;) Good for many things! Thanks again!

sandy said...

We participated, but none of our neighbors did. We turned everything off, hubby kept checking the meter until we had nothing flowing. That actually took some work, some things run separately and don't have turn off switches, so we pulled the breakers.


David Tamayo said...

Fetus: I think that those that care did something. ;o)

Bob: Thanks for the support. ;o)

Editor: Like I said this is the only planet we have. Even if they find another one, can we afford the trip? ;o)

June: Places where they choose to put telescopes do not have any city lights around so they can see the stars. They are amazing in their full glory. Thanks for the compliment. ;o)

Sabra: Sounds great would have been nice to hear the guitar. (Even with the "mess-ups" ;o)

Sandy: You are right. Even when we think we have everything turned off there may be things still going. TV's on stand-by, phone chargers, etc. Depending on what country you live in there might even be somebody tapping your line. ;o)

Steve said...

We participated in Earth Hour too. It was kind of nice to hang out in the dark. My girlfriend played guitar. Actually, we were considering doing an Earth Hour every month or so.