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Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you Big Daddy Richards of Traders Hub ;o)

I remember when I first started my blog. I was full of ideals and ideas. I had a message to deliver. I wanted to say something and I
wanted people to listen. I…I…I…I……

After having been a blogger for a relatively short period of time the realization has set in that a successful blog cannot be attained by “I”. I cannot after all be the only one reading my own posts. I cannot just sit in front of my computer agreeing with myself and wondering who this brilliant guy is writing all this deep and life changing stuff. (;o))

I have said from the beginning that my goal was to “build a community of like minded people”. Where there are numbers there is power. That was, and still is, my vision. Reality says that not everyone will agree with what I have to say. My argument is that disagreement breed’s discussion and when you discuss things with an open mind, every person in that conversation comes out of it a better person thus accomplishing another one of my stated goals which is to help people “be the best that they can be so that they can better take care of those that they love and care for”.

I have joined several communities of blog authors whose intent is to promote their sites via interaction with other site authors. One of these is Entrecard. I have found Entrecard to be an excellent platform to promote SFI and at the same time build friendships.

Basically Entrecard allows you to advertise your site on other sites by displaying a small banner ad someplace on the other site. (Hopefully at the top of the fold and not at the bottom of the page where you have to go searching for it…oh ahem excuse me…that is another post (;o)) You have to submit your site to the site you want to advertise on for that site’s approval to allow your site to be displayed. Believe it or not, my wholesome “G” rated site has been declined two times since being at Entrecard. Such is Democracy right?

Thus we come to the point of this post. While I respect the right of those sites to decline my site being advertised on theirs, I cannot help but wonder what it was about my site they disliked or did not agree with. I personally approve all sites that want to advertise their banners on my site.

Case in point: In the Philippines there is a Presidential election looming on the horizon. The lines have been drawn in the sand and it appears that it has come down to a struggle between two candidates; Senator Manny Villar and Senator Noynoy Aquino. There is a site called Traders Hub authored by no other than Big Daddy Richards. He is without a doubt a staunch supporter of Noynoy. His site’s banner is Noynoy and he devotes a good number of his site’s posts to Noynoy via negative posts about Manny. I on the other hand believe that Manny Villar is the man for the job. 

President Manny Villar
One day I find that Traders Hub advertised on my site. This would mean that his “Noynoy for President” political banner would appear on my site. What should I have done? Well, I did not have a problem with it. Why might you ask? It is because I am a member of a community of people that all do what they do because they want others to hear what they have to say, have ideals and ideas, and messages for their fellow man. Entrecard does not allow porn sites so what do I have to be worried about, right?

It is with this post that I want to thank Big Daddy Richards. I mentioned earlier that he posts, what I consider, attacks against Senator Manny Villar. I have on 2 occasions left comments on his site regarding topics he decided to pursue against Manny. My comments were in direct contrast to what he had to say. My comments were as much against his candidate as his posts were against mine. When I pushed “submit comment” I was not sure my comments would see the light of day, but to Big Daddy Richards credit, he published both comments in their entirety.

I applaud this and believe that he deserves a pat on the back. We can be political polar opposites and still be blogging friends. I appear on his Entrecard drop list and I have his drop list on my site. I think that we are both better people for this and as such, I am accomplishing my goals pertaining to why I became a blog author in he first place.


Ravi said...

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fetus said...

i commend the professionalism!

BigDaddyRichard said...

Thank you, David. In 20 days things will be back to normal and we'll be exchanging non-political issues soon. Cheers, and more power to you... and good luck to all the candidates too!

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

It does not necessarily mean that two people having different opinions are enemies- unless they will take it personally upon themselves. :)

Everyone should learn being professional all the time. Both of you are worth emulating on this matter.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

differing political opinions should not alienate people... neither should it close doors to new friends.

i've met a lot of friends in the blogosphere through entrecard. several issues were raised against its ad policies in the past but i stayed on and i'm glad i did. it's all worth it.

your blog is great. keep it up!

btw, i am for GIBO! :D GOD BLESS our beloved country!