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Monday, May 10, 2010

It isn't Ninjutsu (But it sure is cool) Watch this video!! ;o)

I always love featuring people that are experts in their field. They have a way of showing us that nothing is beyond our reach if we truly apply ourselves. This gentleman is Damien Walters. He is a "Parkour" expert and what he does defies the rules of physics. ;o)


fetus said...

indeed he is very awesome! he makes it look easy. i tried doing something like this back in highschool and i know how difficult it is even though those easy-looking stunts like stepping on walls and do a somersault. sheesh.

June Zach said...

Superbly amazing!
It surely took years to master the skill. Kudos to Damien Walters! Impressive!

David Tamayo said...

Fetus - Pareho pala tayo noon high school. I used to climb the high school buildings with a friend. We would jump from building to building. The goal was to keep staff from catching us. Now that I look back it was not a very bright thing to do. ;o)

David Tamayo said...

Hi June,
They say it takes about 10,000 hours to "master" any specific skill. That is roughly about 10 years. Yes, it must hae taken him a while to get this good. ;o)

editor said...

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