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Friday, May 21, 2010

Want to put your 125X125 card on one of my 3 sites? It's EASY...for now ;o)

Would you be interested in placing your 125X125 card on my side panel to the right? I will eventually be coming up with some kind of contest for this but for now I want to offer 2 card slots for trade. If you place my card on your site, your card will stay on mine as long as mine is on yours. Not a bad offer I think. ;o) Just drop me a note as a comment letting me know that you are interested. Remember that I am offering only two slots on each of my three sites. Take care my friends. ;o)


GPARTHA said...

ok dear
thats fine
u can take my 125x125 from entrecard
i will put your id

Sharon's Insights said...

Hi David,
I would be very interested in this offer:) I have two blogs right now and am currently making a third on pets and animals. I am new to Entrecard and only have one blog listed here. Can we put on more than one site? Thanks for such a kind offer:)

Morten Pedersen said...

Hello I am int. in 125x exchange so I have added your card at my site http://winesworld.net so please add my http://entrecard.com/user/59369/ to yours.


Mommie On Top said...


I sent you a message several days ago, telling you that I grabbed your button and posted it on my site. Needless to say, I'm very much interested in putting my banner here on your site. Please shoot me message through the Contact page at my site. (I'm not fond of posting my email publicly. :D)

Hope to hear from you soon!

rochelle@mom-says said...

Hi!I have ad spaces on my blog too so I was glad to see this post.I already grabbed your button and placed it on my site. You may grab my badge from entrecard or from my other blog, http://femmepower.blogspot.com. Hope to hear from you soon. =)

Raven said...

Hello, I'm Raven, 16 years old teen, Dude I'm also from the Philippines, na-grab kuna yung Image with link mo and I posted it on my links page:


I would really appreciate it, kung ilalagay mo rin yung image link ko dito, kailangan ko rin kasi nang backlinks, kasi medyo bago pa yung Blog ko.

here is my Blog page:

It's for blogger tips and designing, salamat dude =)

PinoY Rocks!

Raven said...

Hi there and Good Day, I am very well flattered sa lahat ng sinabi mo about sa skills ko, salamat talaga, sorry hindi ko na read yung instructions mo ng mabuti, ito yung old ma links page ko para sa mga partners ko,

at diyan ko una nilagay yung badge mo, now when I read the instructions, mali pala ako, hehe pasensya po.

yung badge mo nandun na sa sidebar ko...http://blogger-bookmark.blogspot.com/

Nilagyan ko nang "partners" ok lang ho ba? Hope to see my badge here also, hehe salamat =)

Rochelle@mom-says said...

Hi! Your badge has been on my site for more than a month already but i still don't see my badge here. What's up? I'll gladly appreciate an update. Thanks!